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Head to Toe Skin Tightening and Smoothing!!


Skin Tightening and Fat Reduction in Chattanooga, TN

BTL Exilis Ultra™ is a cutting edge non-invasive skin treatment that allows you to address sagging and loose skin while relaxing in the comfort of Karma Wellness Spa here in Chattanooga, TN. It stimulates the collagen in your skin to both tighten skin and melt away fat at the same time, leaving your skin fresh and glowing. 

How it Works

Our Chattanooga medical spa uses BTL Exilis Ultra™ to perform controlled heating and cooling to various depths of your skin tissue.  This deep tissue skin treatment rejuvenates sagging and aging skin. Because your skin temperature is monitored the whole time, the process is pain-free, in fact many of our clients compare the sensation to a hot stone massage. 

Is BTL Exilis Ultra™ Skin Tightening Right for Me?

Karma Wellness Spa uses the Exilis Ultra process because it is safe and effective for patients of all ages who are showing signs of aging or want to improve problem areas.  This is the best skin tightening treatment on the market and it produces strong results without the cost or recovery time of surgery.  

We recommend three to four weekly sessions for body treatments and two to four weekly sessions for face treatments.  You may begin to see results quickly after your first sessions, however the results improve over the three month follow-up period.  

Karma Wellness Spa offers free consultations for all of our skin treatments, call  (423) 800-6938 or contact us here to discuss your needs with your Chattanooga skin experts.